Improvised paintings for voice and piano


Caroline Leander – Swedish pianist, singer, composer and lyricist

The piano is my oldest friend who later on was joined by the voice and words. Colours, form and improvisation have always had an importance to me, since the keys have their own color, just like the days of the week. I hear music in colors, it’s called synesthesia and it takes part of how the music is born. Maybe it’s all the possibilities of the piano that led me into different paths, or the improvisation’s undiscovered places who take me out on adventures? I don’t know, but I let the music decide and I come along!

2023 has been full of live-performances with different constellations. Check the calendar for all upcoming events!

I keep on working with collaborations in various configurations, writing new music in Swedish, Danish and English for upcoming recordings and concerts.

HEM UTAN ADRESS - My new EP is out now!
In the spring of 2022, I repeatedly visited a women's shelter to work on music and text writing. 
The thoughts that emerged – those of the residents, the staff and my own – form the basis of my new EP. 
The record contains 5 songs about both darkness and light, go in and listen here!
On May 21, I will be a guest at the Stora Likarättsgala at Malmö Arena and will perform parts of the material live.

TRENNE – poetic and personal 

TRENNE is a dynamic trio where we mix and share our own material from the three of us. Pop, Folk & Singer Songwriter – all in Swedish. We had a great tour last summer in the south of Sweden, and we continued with more concerts during last autumn and winter. This summer offers some more concerts – Check the calendar for upcoming concerts.  Watch our live trailer here! And for other clips check here.

Petra Kvist: vocals, violin and guitar,  and Staffan Wester: vocals, bass and guitar.


Ett Halvfranskt Band – Life’s and love’s possibilities and impossibilities 

In the duo “Ett Halvfranskt Band” we’re standing with one foot in Sweden and the other one in France, performing  French chansons, Swedish and American favourites and some own material as well. I share the stage with my brother Harald Leander, actor and musician. Our concerts are like a musical dialogue about life’s and love’s possibilities and impossibilities framed by an intimate atmosphere from piano, double bass, accordion and saxophone. For upcoming concerts check the calendar!


Primadonnans död!

The play “Primadonnans död”  was a success last autumn,  with many sold out shows on our tour in Scania,  A O at Helsingborgs Stadsteater and at Victoriateatern in Malmö. An LP will be released in March 4th with luxurious arrangements of the songs from the original play. Follow us and get more info here!

Written and performed by Pontus Stenkvist and Maria Stille, where I take part as the choleric pianist “Magdalena Richter”.


LEANDER & SMITH – Øresound pop in pocket size

New single “360°” is out now, and two more will follow this spring!

Our album “Du eller Aldrig” got 4 stars in Hifi & Musik 🙂  Buy it here! And listen here! 

The music is the bridge between Caroline Leander and Peter Smith, both artists and songwriters on each side of the Sound.

Two voices, a guitar and a piano are the starting point for their melodious pop music, where warm chords and vocal harmonies are important ingredients.

With titles like Du eller aldrig, Det är bättre nu and  The Gap, the duo turns and twists on timeless subjects that most people can recognize. Bittersweet stories about times when we throw ourselves out without a safety net or at times when we walk around with butterflies in the stomach … Watch a live clip here!


Forever Young!

I had the pleasure to return to Helsingborg Stadsteater in the play “Evigt Ung” (Forever Young) last spring, and also in “Den Fantastiska Leken”, celebrating the 100 years of Helsingborgs Stadsteater. It’s been a fantastic season with a great audience 🙂


Two new albums ! 😊

I perform on two recent albums that got good reviews – First in line was Harald Leander’s “Just där dagen börjar om”. It’s an album with some of the treasures from our French repertoire, with his lyrics in Swedish. I take part with my piano playing and arrangements on half of the album. Our music has been played several times on the national radio P2. Listen to the album here!

Next release was the artist WES and his album “Explosioner”. Check the album link here! Listen and read more about WES here!

WES & Bandaget played for a full house at Victoriateatern in Malmö in the beginning of March, and will give more concerts in Scania this spring and summer. Check the calendar for more info!


Helsingborg Piano Festival

The piano was in the front seat at Dunkers Kulturhus at the end of August last year and I was invited to participate in two different projects. First, I performed my own newly written music live to a number of skate films that were projected on screen, read more here! And then I played and talked about the role of the piano with the artist and singer songwriter Mjuk, together with moderator Lennart Stenkvist.


Samsø Songwriting Camp

I wrapped up last summer on the beautiful island of Samsø (DK), where I met a dozen of other songwriters and producers, for a sunny and creative week together. Last night we made a public concert, and several of the songs will surely find their home on live stages and albums in the future.


Leander & Tegnér – A dynamic and playful conversation

In the duo Leander & Tegnér there is room for both simple singable melodies and improvisations with friction and groove. I have played together with the great guitarist Peter Tegnér for many years both in Sweden and abroad. We were invited to Cairo to give three concerts; at the Swedish Embassy, Cairo Jazz Club, and El Sawy Culture Wheel. We play instrumental pieces and songs in Swedish, English and French, with an emphasis on original songs.


Ann Falden Lydlandskab – Dreamy timbres meet suggestive rhythms

The percussion instrument hang is the main focus in the project Ann Falden – Lydlandskab, which is a constellation with two Danish musicians led by percussionist, singer and composer Ann Falden. Besides my piano we hear cellist Soma Allpass. The music is evocative and meditative, where acoustic sounds are mixed with electronic, as well as loops and improvisations into a very personal soundscape. Listen and read about it here!  Check out some clips from our live concert here!


CaBoom! – Fireworks of keys 

After the smoke and noise from New Years Eve’s fireworks were gone, it was time for a concert by the duo CaBoom! – A firework of keys, together with percussion Bo Håkanson. I play on the black and white ones and Bo on the wood and metal ones 🙂 We played at Malmo Live last January. Read the article about us here! (in Swedish)


Kultur i vården – Theatre and music for elder people

The last two years, I have taken part of a cultural project for elder people in Scania, together with actors Anette Lindbäck and Peter Fridh. We were visiting each place three times, where we were focusing on a specific theme illustrated by words, music, pictures and objects, in order to make the audience participate as much as possible. The project will continue in autumn 2018. Organizer and director is Harald Leander.


Penelope – A miniature odyssey 

Go listen to my piece Penelope,  a music installation at the Cultural Quarter in Kristianstad. Via an app and smartphone, every visitor gets a unique experience, as the music changes while walking a miniature odyssey around the neighborhood.

At the premiere I gave a live concert with percussionist Bo Håkanson with our duo CaBoom! – Fireworks of keys.

Now the piece is available wherever you are, click here!


Ensemble Mirò – Heeling dynamic chamber quartet

Some years ago, the Ensemble Mirò was reunited – an instrumental quartet with playful and atmospheric compositions… A part from myself on the piano; Bo Karlsson violin, Catharina Backman accordion and Peter Wilgotsson bass clarinet and alto sax. We gave an appreciated concert at Hässleholms Culture House in connection with the opening of Nils Trydings collection of Juan Miró’s original posters.

Hopefully the Ensemble Mirò will meet up soon again, until then scroll down for a check in discography/listen menu.


Latest solo album

My latest solo album “Melting into happiness” has been well received by the press and was nominated to the Golden Record in the review OJ.

Check out some reviews here!

The compositions have  a multi-faceted and deeper setting thanks to her creative musicians Anders Lorentzi bass, Bo Håkanson drums / percussion and Peter Tegnér guitar, who shape and recreate the music in a fantastic way! Also the guests Vindla String Quartet, harmonica player Filip Jers, Jens and Petter Lindgård (trombone and trumpet) from Timbuktu’s backing band Damn! add extra colour to the production.

The recordings are made in Gula Studion in Malmoe, in creative collaboration with David Carlsson, who with his playful instinct has picked out the best in her music.


Photographer Peggy Eklöf  has made two videos, watch them here:


Melting into happiness


Colour, form and improvisation are the cornerstones when Caroline creates her music. Her lyrics and melodies seem carved as one piece. The piano is her oldest friend who has accompanied her performances since the 80’s where ever you can imagine;  from festivals around Europe to a tiny cheese shop in north west Scania.


Her earlier album Under my Heart got many positive reviews and Caroline also received a scholarship from SKAP (Swedish Composers of Popular Music) on the ground:


“Our ensemble makes music that strolls in a land inhabited by

dreamy Californian singer-songwriters, French entertainers

and wonderful Scanian nymphs with pockets filled with jazz.

With gentle, floating tones and subtle Scandinavian

texts, her music lifts us, carries us away and brings us home again.”