The fruit of inspiration and workmanship


The most varied things can be the starter for a new melody,

rhythm or lyric:

Churchbells ringing at an unexpected moment resulted in the first bars of “Trust“… Hunger and tiredness forced the melody and lyrics to take form in “Coffre fort“… A wrong note opened the door to the intro of “From now on“…


Caroline has had many different commissions as a composer for theatre, dance, radio and film.

The latest is the school project “Flygande toner och tankar” at Stanstorpsskolan in Staffanstorp, where she used the input from the students’ texts and images, creating six compositions on the theme of birds.


Till Sjungaland (klass 1A)


Tro (klass 1B)


Skam den som ger sig (klass 2A)


Vi har ett glid (klass 3 grupp 2)


Bara ditt (klass 3 grupp 1)


Min familj (klass 4A)


Other examples are the soundtrack to ”Orderi”, a fairytale on UR (national radio P2 (script & directed by Jenny Bergman) and music to some presentation films about the West Harbour-project Bo 01 (produced by Anders Granquist/Good World). Listen to some sketches and jingles:

Bo 01 amb“,  “Bo 01 jam“, “Good bossa“, “Good jazz